Drain Cleaning in Doylestown, OH

Every home or business needs efficient, reliable plumbing. If your pipes are groaning, drains are backing up or lines are leaking, you need to call Bray’s Drain & Plumbing. Not only do we solve the run-of-the-mill plumbing problems that creep up for home and business owners, we’re also your resource for things like water heater repair, new fixture installation and more. With 24/7 emergency services available, we’re always available to Doylestown, OH residents when they need us.


  • Repair and installation: We’re equipped for complete, whole-house plumbing and all of the repair and installation work that goes with it. From new line installations, to replacing damaged pipes, to repairing fixtures and beyond, we keep your plumbing reliable. Our abilities also extend to small businesses!
  • Drain cleaning: The last thing you need is a backed-up drain—or worse, an overflowing one. We provide drain cleaning services to keep backups, slow drains and other problems to a minimum. Our plumbers can snake drains to remove blockages, buildups, calcifications and other issues that may cause your drain to give you problems.
  • Sewer cleaning: As the premier sewer cleaning service in Doylestown, OH, we’re committed to keeping your home safe. We recommend cleaning every 2-3 years to prevent blockages that might turn into backflow, noxious odors, mold and more. With us on the job, you can expect sewer cleaning that’s thorough and restorative, so your plumbing works as it should.
  • Water heaters: if you’re a fan of hot showers and warm water when you wash your hands, you have your hot water heater to thank. The convenience of hot water comes from keeping your unit in good condition, which is why we’re available for water heater repair or replacement. From traditional tank units to modern tankless options, we’ll keep you in good supply of hot water, on demand.
Bray’s Drain & Plumbing is there for you when you need plumbing services. Night or day, no matter the scope or nature of the problem, we’re available to troubleshoot, repair, replace, install and otherwise service your home or business’ pipes, drains and fixtures. Contact us today at 330-658-3795 to learn more about our capabilities or to call us out to address your plumbing needs.